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I now have my room back!

2007-07-24 06:35:10 by FattPandaa

Well, it seems like my brother and his girlfriend changed their minds about moving up here. Her sister came up here to pick her up, my brother has to stay here and earn enough money to get his car fixed before he can head back.

But, in the mean time I have my bed back (my brother has been booted to an air matress :3), so I can`t complain too much.


2007-07-18 07:27:01 by FattPandaa

Since this is a blog, I suppose I will rant about my current life situation.

At the moment my older brother and his fiancee have commandered my bedroom. They drove five hundred miles to come visit my parents and myself. My mom decided that I had to give up my bed and room to them because his fiancee is pregnant, leaving me with the choice of air mattress or couch. I`ve been switching between the two. It was originally planned for them to stay for five days, then my mom talked them into staying a few more days. Then on the day that they were gonna leave, they decided that they want to live up here.

I haven`t been able to sleep good since I`ve taken up residence in the living room. You see, I am a night owl. Before, I was able to stay up 'til the crack of dawn, then go to my room, close the door, and sleep the day away. But, thats not possible in the living room, there is always somebody going through to the kitchen or something else. And, I have to deal with my mom waking me up and yelling at me for some reason.

Its also rough not having my room, thats always been my little sanctuary when I want to be alone. But, they are in my room most of the day, plus its a fucking mess from their clothes being scattered every where.

I fear that it is going to be like this for a few months, they are showing no initiative towards getting jobs and moving out. Guess it could be worse though.

But, there is a plus side to this. My brother is a big pot head, thus I get to smoke everyday.

And heres a picture of me high. XD