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Goozex :D

2007-11-27 19:15:43 by FattPandaa

Nifty game trading site, you can get a free game (though its only an old Xbox, PS2, GameCube, GBA, or PC game) by just signing up.


Yes, its a referal link. -_- But, I can only get a few trading credits if someone creates an account through this link and actually does more than recieve the free game.

Back on the BBS.

2007-11-16 18:04:24 by FattPandaa

For the past few weeks I've been wayyyyyy to busy with school to post on the BBS. I've seem to have gotten very lucky and have no homework this weekend (nor any plans ;_;), so I'm back for the time being.

Finaly posting Wii code.

2007-10-13 11:23:23 by FattPandaa

Because I'm a lazy bastard and I just my Wii friend code. 3681 0757 2212 8987

I finaly got my Wii online

2007-09-13 07:01:54 by FattPandaa

I'm so behind with the times...

So, I'm level 21 now.

2007-09-09 12:22:54 by FattPandaa

The shit covered crow bar.

First day back was a bitch....

2007-08-27 20:23:21 by FattPandaa

Going back to school sucked, my english teacher is a fucking hard-ass. Algebra is cool though, plenty of friends. My history teacher is cool, but I have no friends in that class, also the people in my gym class are annoying. The freshmen were also afraid of my friends and myself. XD


2007-08-26 04:28:40 by FattPandaa

Anybody else excited about the new season of Frisky Dingo?



2007-08-23 19:34:45 by FattPandaa

It feels good to be gangsta!



2007-08-17 07:07:46 by FattPandaa

Decided to make a new post on my blog..Can't think of shit..So heres a picture of Lennie Briscoe.


Off to Alabama...

2007-08-10 08:58:39 by FattPandaa

Well Newgrounds, I won't be on here for almost 24 hours. I'm heading to Alabama with my Dad and brother. We are riding with my brother in his car, then we are staying for 12 hours. I'm taking an Amtrac train home.