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Pointless shots of the outside.

2008-01-01 09:40:24 by FattPandaa

Since I was bored as balls, and the sun was rising I decided to step outside for a few minutes and take a few pictures. I went out in flip flops, not smart. I couldn't stay out for but a few minutes before running inside to melt the ice off my toes. It was 29 degrees when I first went out. :[

First Batch

Two This one is kinda blurry, but I like'd the clouds.
FourJust trees.
Five More clouds.

After putting some shoes and socks on, I decided to once again trek out. I took came back in, then went back out, then went back in again, then I came back out again. I'm just going to pick the best ones out of these and put them in the second batch.

Second Batch

Two Alot of power lines in this one.
Four I liked how the bird was at the top of the tree
Five I chased this bastard around the bushes for about ten minutes before finally flushing him out.
Seven That Damned bird again.
Eight Just clouds
Nine I really liked this one, there wasn't any power lines or houses in the shot.
TenAnother black bird in a tree.
Eleven I really wished this one would have turned out better, it took off right when I pressed the button.

I know I'm a shitty photographer, I just thought these we're kinda neat.

Pointless shots of the outside.


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2008-01-01 09:44:49

Your Shots needs some improvmentz, but uy good where your at ;)

FattPandaa responds:

This is the first real camera I've ever been able to use, so my experiance is limited to disposable cameras. ^^;