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Well, Jesus Titty Fucking Christ!

2008-04-14 19:54:08 by FattPandaa

I've been off NG for way to long. When the hell did we get a video game forum?


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2008-04-14 19:54:44

I'm not going to take my words back, that's my way of the ninja!!!


2008-04-14 20:10:22

Well... Look A CHICKEN!


2008-04-14 21:22:38

A short while ago. It is mostly 80 daily topics of "HOTTEST GAYM CHARACTER?!" with 13 year olds fappin' over their characters (who are usually Tifa, Samus, and Eva). No one takes my Great Mighty Poo suggestion seriously.


2008-04-14 21:50:01


Along with fanboys repeatedly making threads about how COD4, SSBB or Halo 3 is "teh greatest gaem efar!!!1"


2008-05-29 05:53:59

lol I remember you